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50 Year-Old White Oak Parquet Refinish


Floor:  White oak parquet – 50 years-old

Finish:   Bona polyurethane – semi-gloss



As is often the case in buildings heated by hot-water, leakage had occurred near the radiators causing the surrounding hardwood to stain and rot over time, necessitating repairs.

Additionally, areas of chronic squeaking existed in the hallways.

Finally, given that this is a professionally managed residence, time was of-the-essence.



Over a brief 3-day period, the floors in this apartment were returned to their former clean and classic condition.

Water-damaged boards in the bedroom were removed and carefully replaced while carefully hidden trim-screws were used to stabilize the floor in areas where squeaks had previously existed for years.

By responding in a timely fashion, this project ensured that our client, a property management company, received their unit’s hardwood floors in gleaming, good-as-new condition in minimal time.

Further, our 99.5% dustless system delivered a meticulously clean overall living-space requiring little if any further clean-up in this ready-to-show residence.

Helping property managers get their investments back on the market as quickly as possible has been our commitment at Woodsmith Hardwood Floors for over 23 years.

Interested in maintaining or increasing the value of your investments via timely and cost- conscious service? Contact us today!


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