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90 Year-Old Fir and 40 Year-Old Red Oak Floor Refinish


Floor: Upstairs – 40 year-old Red Oak – T&G / Main level – 90 year-old edge-grain Fir with Mahogany inlays

Finish: Bona Polyurethane, 3-coat, satin finish

Stain: Natural



Before the upstairs was completed, the homeowner at the time decided to refinish the main level in preparation for selling the home.

On this main level, a previous do-it-yourself project had created abnormally deep sanding marks as well as areas of obvious over-sanding.

When the now-current owner decided to complete the upstairs just prior to moving in (a short, 4-day time-frame), similar issues existed, as did the need for repairs where unusual holes previously drilled for a now non-existent stair railing once existed.

Additionally, the floors had been previously coated with a “hardware store” quality water- based finish notorious for wearing out prematurely and for creating a gummy residue on abrasives during any future sanding process.


When the main level was completed, the almost 100 year-old floors were in such poor condition that an abundance of caution had to be exercised in order to preserve the integrity of the floor as well as the delicate mahogany inlays.

By avoiding sanding too aggressively, our dustless sanding process managed to remove the previously damaged areas while maintaining an adequate wear-layer.

The results were so impressive that once the home sold, the new owner called upon our services once again to complete the upstairs.

In keeping with the home owner’s challenging schedule, work began on a Thursday, sanding and making repairs, while the final coat was applied on a Saturday in order to accommodate the Monday move-in date.

For over 23 years, Woodsmith Hardwood Floors has been working closely with home owners, adding value to their homes while meeting tight schedules. Let us help you achieve your hardwood refinishing goals on your terms and contact us today.


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