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Ward_BraunWoodsmith Hardwood Floors Ltd.

Founded in 1989, Woodsmith Hardwood Floors has established itself as a trusted authority in the Greater Vancouver hardwood refinishing industry for the past 23 years.

With an already widely-recognized reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and superior customer-service, Ward Braun took the reins of Woodsmith Hardwood Floors in 2007 as owner and president. With nearly 16 years of experience and a portfolio of hundreds of hardwood refinishing projects under his belt, Ward has been in an ideal position to provide the expert advice required to lead and expand upon Woodsmith’s tradition of excellence.

As a parent, husband and homeowner who has ‘endured’ a number of extensive home renovations himself, Ward can deeply empathize with homeowners and the disruptive and intrusive impact the renovation process can have. It’s for this particular reason that Ward’s personal goal, and one he cultivates in each of his employees, is to offer a level of personalized service that anticipates the needs of his clients and works to relieve their uncertainty and stress.

From the early adoption of the dustless refinishing process to the unwavering focus upon customer’s needs, Woodsmith Hardwood Floors continues at the forefront of delivering top-tier personalized services to its valued clientele.


I’m so happy that I put my faith in Woodsmith Hardwood Floors rather than giving up on the original hundred year old floors.

– Amanda R.

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