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Advantages of Exiting Home During Floor

Perhaps you are one of our many valued customers who are preparing to have your floors re-finished yet wonder, “can I stay in my residence during the sanding process?”  This is a valid question since most people do not own multiple homes and remaining in place is most convenient after all.

Generally speaking, hardwood floors cover large areas of the main living areas of people’s homes.  It is not possible to efficiently sand and finish floors while homeowners are present occupying the actual hardwood surface.  There have been times when people choose to remain in the basement portion of their home during the sanding and finishing process.  If that is their choice we endeavour to help people understand the limitations of staying in the home.

One of the main challenges is the fact that floor coatings, although containing low VC content when compared to years ago, emit fumes and odor that many people find offensive.   Since our employees do not sleep in the house once the work is completed for the day, we cannot comment on how undesirable the environment will be overnight.   When we consult with homeowners about the upcoming floor re-finishing project, we strongly suggest that people make alternate arrangements for sleeping for 24 hours to 48 hours or longer, depending the project length and complexity.

We at Woodsmith endeavour to complete the project in a timely fashion and being able to focus on the work at hand without interference by clients and pets is greatly appreciated.   This does not mean that home owners cannot have input; for example, when deciding on a stain colour.  It simply is a matter of safety and efficiency for everyone involved.

To recount a recent experience related to the above:  we were coating a floor in a small older home.  The family was made up of four young children and had chosen to stay in the basement during the sanding and re-finishing process.  We had just begun coating when one of the children ran up the stairs, stepped on the the wet floor and fell on their rear end.  The child was shocked upon realizing what had happened and didn’t know what to do.  One of my employees calmly picked her up and carried outside to her mother and reassured her that everything was fine.  Since the finish was drying quickly, he had to run back and continue the coating process, including touching up the visible footprints.  Fortunately there were no injuries and the floor turned out beautiful.

So what is our advice to our valued customers, past, present and future?  Please discuss beforehand whether it is advisable to stay in your home while we work to restore your hardwood floors.


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