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Extensively-Worn Red Oak Parquet Floor Refinish


Floor: Fir –   Red oak parquet

Finish:   Bona polyurethane – semi-gloss



As demonstrated by the ‘Before’ pictures, this rental apartment suffered from highly worn floors with an extreme amount of wax and dirt build-up.

Given that this was a rental residence, the project scope also had to adhere to specific budget and time requirements.


Utilizing our dustless sanding system, the first stage of the project resulted in the complete removal of the wax and dirt build-up while carefully preserving as much of the hardwood wear layer as possible.

The budget of the property manager was satisfied by means of a detailed quotation that incorporated flexible pricing options providing choice as to how extensive the job and repairs could be while still delivering an outstanding end-result.

Completed in 3 short days and delivered in clean, pristine condition, downtime for this residence was minimized and the need for additional time and energy spent cleaning was all-but eliminated.

At Woodsmith Hardwood Floors, we have been giving property managers the latitude and flexibility to help determine the scope and commensurate price of their projects for over 23 years. Find out how we can help you work within your budget while enjoying a high-quality result by contacting us today!


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