Floor Staining Facts


Great Info on Hardwood Floor Staining

Delivering an outstanding final result can only be assured by experienced tradesman dedicated to the somewhat time and labour-intensive process of applying stain to a hardwood surface.

The process begins by preparing the floor to accept your choice of stain.  (Please visit our staining services section to view stain colour samples.)

The sanding process inherently creates very fine sanding marks that are then blended by buffing the floors. When a natural finish is applied, the sanding marks have been minimized as to be virtually invisible to the unaided eye.

When staining is involved, a much more rigorous sanding, buffing and even hand-sanding is required to virtually eliminate even the finest sanding marks. Without this added attention-to-detail, the application of stain will accentuate even the finest sanding marks.

Finally, before the stain is applied, a process called ‘water popping’ occurs that ensures the stain will be evenly accepted by elevating the grain of the floor. Hand-staining the floor is typically a 2-person process that occurs rapidly to ensure the stain is applied and blended evenly over the floor before it quickly dries.

A period of at least 12 hours is typically required before the first coat of your choice of protective finish is applied.

Staining hardwood floors is a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable choice that allows you to retain your existing original floors and change their colour characteristics while avoiding the substantial cost of a completely new installation.

As our past projects and testimonials demonstrate, we at Woodsmith Hardwood Floors have the staining expertise required to make your design vision a reality. Contact us today and get the expert advice needed to help get you started!

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