Hardwood Floor Finishes



Over the years, various manufacturers have introduced finishes that attempt to balance functional requirements with cosmetic results and real-world environmental and maintenance demands.

Penetrating finishes like tung and linseed oil were once common but have lost their popularity due to their time-consuming maintenance demands as well as their inability to offer adequate stain-resistance without the constant application of wax. Long drying times and durability issues present additional challenges for penetrating finishes.

Unlike penetrating finishes, surface finishes like oil and water-based polyurethanes create an effective, protective resin barrier on the surface of a wood floor. As the floor is exposed to traffic the surface layer wears away instead of the wood itself. These 2 types of surface finishes warrant some additional information that can assist you in making a well-informed decision.


Water-based – two-component finish

Extremely durable – delivers an extremely tough, protective finish. Provides effective moisture and chemical resistance. Perfect for homes with pets and high-traffic areas.
Fast drying time – approximately 8 hours is required between coats meaning that 2 coats can often be applied the same day minimizing the time spent away from your living space.
Little odour and reduced VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) – as a water-based finish dries it releases water-vapour instead of solvents, producing very little odour.
Simple to maintain – easy to sweep and damp-wipe.

Colour attention – especially on an oak floor, an initial coat of stain or an oil-based sealer is required to avoid a dull looking finish. (Recommended product: Basic Coatings, StreetShoe finish)

Oil-based Polyurethane finish

Cosmetically attractive – once applied, the floor turns an appealing amber colour.
Durable – with only minimal maintenance, will provide effective moisture and chemical resistance.
Simple to maintain – easy to sweep and damp-wipe.

Slower drying time – 3 coats is usually recommended. A full 24 hours is required between coats.
Elevated VOC’s and smell – for those with sensitivities to odours or chemicals, water-based finishes can be a better choice. Oil-based finishes produce a solvent smell while drying. With proper ventilation, the odour is usually gone in 24-48 hours.(Recommended Product: Bona, Woodline finish.)

(Both oil and water-based finishes are available in high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte sheens. A satin sheen can often minimize the look of scratches versus a glossier finish.)

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