Hardwood Recoating


In some cases, sanding your hardwood floor is not a viable option and at times may not even be necessary.

For instance, an engineered hardwood floor with a very thin hardwood wear layer can make the sanding process prohibitive. At Woodsmith Hardwood Floors, we make sure we don’t under any circumstances compromise the integrity of your floor. We will always err on the side of caution if there is any doubt about sanding a thin wear layer.

In other cases, when a multitude of minor surface scratches in the surface finish alone exist that have not penetrated the hardwood material itself, the sanding process may be completely unnecessary. Once again, our goal is to always preserve the life of your hardwood floors as much as possible. In cases like this, recoating your floor may be the ideal solution.

Using an abrading technique, surface scratches and other surface imperfections may be removed and the floor sealed using a single coat of a durable, 2-component water-based finish that bonds to the floor both mechanically and chemically. The cost of recoating a floor is substantially less than refinishing/sanding a floor as the labor process differs dramatically from a full refinishing.

Hardwood recoating can be an effective alternative to sanding that produces excellent results, extends the life of your hardwood floors, ands saves you money.

For an honest and trustworthy appraisal of your hardwood floors, contact us today and let us provide you with the expert advice that delivers outstanding results.

The crew was always on time, respectful, and a pleasure to have in my home. My husband Brian and I were 100% satisfied with the entire process of having our floors refinished and restained by Woodsmith Hardwood Flooring.

From the first phone call to Ryan, I was sold on the high level of professionalism and I was impressed with the accuracy of the quote and the attention to detail that was demonstrated in every step of the process. The crew was always on time, respectful, and a pleasure to have in our home. The process of having our floors refinished and restained seemed overwhelming to us at first, but we were pleasantly surprised at how easy and non-disruptive it was.

The end result was outstanding, and far exceeded our expectations. We would not hesitate to recommend Woodsmith Hardwood Flooring company to anyone who is in need of refinishing and restaining their floors.

Bev and Brian Coxford.

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