Refinishing Hardwood Stairs


Given their prominence in the homes of many Greater Vancouver residences, hardwood staircase refinishing is an often sought-after service that delivers spectacular, showcase results to home owners.

Many of our older homes possess beautiful, thick quarter-sawn old-growth fir treads that, despite high-traffic wear and/or damage, can be refinished and returned to their original glory.

We sand the steps (treads) and refinish the risers of the staircase.  We do not sand spindles, stringers or railings as this honestly requires the services of tradesmen skilled in this type of work.

Contact Woodsmith Hardwood today to find out how we can help translate your vision for your stairs into reality with hardwood stair refinishing.

The end result is nothing short of amazing and far beyond my expectations.
As for the floors themselves, the transformation is incredible.  While I was expecting them to look better, the end result is nothing short of amazing and far beyond my expectations.  The improvement is dramatic.  In addition, your team not only undertook the refinishing aspect, but also spent a lot of time on near seamless repairs to some of the more damaged areas of the floors which made a big difference to the final look.  I’m so happy that I put my faith in Woodsmith Hardwood rather than giving up on the original hundred year old floors.

Amanda R. – East Vancouver

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