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90 Year Old Fir Floor Refinishing


Floor: 90 year-old Fir, Vertical-grain

Finish: Bona polyurethane

Stain: Natural



Very heavily worn fir floors existed in this rental location with extensive, deep scratches existing from a previous do-it-yourself sanding project.
Aggressively sanding the floors to remove the deepest of scratches was not an option due to the existence of an extremely thin wear-layer.



Through our comprehensive free consultation process it was candidly explained that it would not be possible to remove every deep scratch from the existing floor for fear of compromising the integrity of the already thin tongue-and-groove floor. If the floor became compromised, costly replacement would be the only remedy.

The client appreciated the end result of this project and the honest initial assessment of the floor. By being upfront and honest about the limitations of the client’s existing floors and not aggressively sanding the floor, substantial and costly damage was avoided while still delivering a product that delighted the landlord of this residence.

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